Imagine that, instead of forcing the person you are in dispute with to give you what you want, they offer it freely. That's what can happen with mediation.

Mediation is always open to you when there is a stand-off, argument or conflict. If you find yourself in a dispute, mediation is a quicker, cheaper and happier way to fix it. It finds the humans at the centre of what has gone wrong and gives them the tools to seek common ground. Through mediation, you can find a solution that you can all live with. Control returns to you, the people involved, to whom the result matters most.

Ruth Everard is an Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator. She is an experienced employer, negotiator and company director, who originally qualified as a solicitor. She applies her pragmatic and entrepreneurial spirit to solution-seeking and problem-solving and believes in choice and autonomy for all parties. Ruth has over fifteen years experience of finding good outcomes in many and varied situations, and she founded Green Park Mediation to bring her skills to more.